Vintage  Positive Image Figurines Made from Hydro-Stone Clay 

    Classic Collection - Black Soldiers

BBuffalo Soldier

Tuskegee Airman

Tuskegee Airman Bust


Sailor or Leave

Vietnam Soldier

VVietnam Nurse


WWII Soldier Bust

CiCivil War Soldier

Rollin Round Heaven

mDDaydreamer Angel                (Mary)Ral title

Why Me Lord Angel


     Dress up Angel


Reaching for a Star Angel


Praying Angel


       Mother and Child

        Father and Son

    Boy Playing Marbles

Easter Egg


Girl with Goose

Newspaper Boy

Lil Willie  (Hand Painted)

\       Surprise!

      Ballerina Girl

     Serena   (HandPainted)

            Praying Slave

   Banjo Player

  Girls on a Carousel

    Limited Edition

Black Legends Series

George Washington Carver

 Mehalia Jackson

      Ida B. Wells

\  Satchel Page

Bill Pickett

Christmas Memories

   Adoration of the Maji

        (Hand Painted)

      Girl In Chair

      Madonna With Child

      (Hand Painted)

   Boy In Chair

       Old Fashioned Santa